Relax… we’ll be doing the cookin’

Try Arby’s Carry-Out Catering Party Trays

For birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, sporting events, reunions, corporate or home holiday parties, picnics and potlucks, whatever the event, nothing inspires a gathering more than the food you serve your guests. You want it hot, easy, convenient. You want Arby’s Carry-Out Catering!

Arby’s Carry-Out Catering service is available for pick up at  most US Beef Arby’s locations. You’ll take home your choice of platters of our delicious, juicy, thinly sliced roast beef, or our sweet marinated ham, with all the fixins’ for an Arby’s sandwich platter party, ready for the taking.

Just click on the menu order form below, include date and time of pick up, print, and then submit it to your local Arby’s manager at least 24 hours prior to pick up. It’ll be hot and ready for you on the day of your event.

Party smart … with Arby’s!

Any Event, Any Time

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Carry-Out Catering

Download Menu

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Carry-out FAQ's

Can someone please take my Carry-Out Catering order at the restaurant?

YES. Any of our Arby’s managers would be happy to help you.

How do I place an Order?

The form is on the back of the menu. Simply hand it to any Arby’s manager.

Can I call the store directly?

Yes. I’d be happy to fill out your order form over the phone. It only takes about 1 minute.

What other info do you require?

We just need your Name, phone number, and pickup time.

What Size are your platters?

2.5LB & 5Lb increments only.

How much is a 5lb Roast Beef platter?


How many people will 5 LBs feed?

20 people (4oz portions)

How is the Roast Beef Prepared?

Marinated in Au jus.

How is the Ham Prepared?

Marinated in our own delicious sauce.

Can I just buy 1 Pound of meat?

No. Standard Sandwich portions & prices apply.

Does it come with buns? How Many?

Yes. 40 slider buns per 5lbs. Or select 20 of your favorite buns.

What other items are included with a platter?

5Lbs RB comes with 20 buns, 2 sauce bottles & 1 tong.

What kind of Sauces will come with it?

Ham comes with Spicy Mustard & Mayo; Beef comes with Arby’s & Horsey

Can I get a mix of Ham & Beef?

Yes. The 5lb Combo Platter comes with 20 buns, all 4 sauces & 2 tongs.

Can I get it without Buns?

Yes. The discount is $1 per pound of meat.

Can I get extra buns? What’s the cost?

Yes. Extra buns are 2 for $1, pick any buns.

Can I pick another type of Bun?

Yes. Choose any buns we have in stock.

How much notice do you need?

We prefer a 24 hour notice.

What comes with the Serve-It-Hot Kit?

Wire Chafing Rack, Water Pan, and 2 Fuel Cans.

How long do the fuel cans burn?

Usually 2-4 Hours. The average is 3 hours. We recommend food be served within 3 hours.

Do you REALLY charge $69.99 for 5lbs?

The price per person is under $3.50 for the 5Lb Platter. It’s more affordable than a supermarket deli.

Can I order the meat without the Marinade?

Yes, although we don’t recommend it, and we can’t be held responsible.

Can I put it in my freezer?

We can only guarantee our product quality for 3 hours. Food safety is very important.

Can you just give me the marinade on the side?

Yes. Although we don’t recommend it, and we can’t be held responsible.

Can I order 5lbs of Arby-Q?

Not at this time. Standard sandwich portions & prices apply.

Can I order 5lbs of Turkey?

Not at this time. Standard sandwich portions & prices apply.

Can I order 5lbs of Angus?

Not at this time. Standard sandwich portions & prices apply.

Can I have Arby’s sauce instead of Mayo?

Sure! You may switch out any of the sauces or buns.

Do I need to pre-pay for my order?

It’s not required, but I’d be happy to ring you up right now.

Can we Deliver Carry-Out Catering?

We are not insured for delivery. Pick-up only, please.