Community Support

Welcome to the ARBY'S Community Support program! United States Beef Corporation is the largest Arby's franchisee and has been doing business in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington for nearly 50 years. We are committed to giving back to the local communities in which we do business so we welcome the opportunity to provide support for schools and organizations.

We are passionate about getting involved with local schools and organizations; therefore, we have 3 options to get your school or organization started:

Fundraising | Certificates & Recognition Awards | Donations


Organizations must have a valid non-profit status

Requests need to be received a minimum of 6 weeks before events, programs,activities, initiatives or projects begin.

Only one certificate/reward choice may be requested per month.


Benefit Night

Your local Arby’s can sponsor a fundraising event where 15% of sales generated by the supporters, families & friends of your organization during a designated time period will be donated.

Community Booklets

Arby's will donate these Community Fundraiser Booklets to your school or organization with less than 250 people. These are loaded with specials deals to enjoy at your local Arby's.


Certificates and Awards

By providing these certificates and recognition awards, Arby's hopes to help those who are working to increase the chances of success for the children in our communities. Please remember that only one certificate/reward choice may be requested per month



In-kind donations, typically Arby's food or paper products are available.

Cash donations will not be considered.

As neighbors in your community, it’s never been just about US. It’s always been about what we can do to improve the communities where our employees live and work. It’s been about developing economy and opportunity. It’s been about making our children strong, and building better communities in the process.

The Arby’s Foundation, which is working to end childhood hunger in America, is Arby’s national program that US Beef is especially proud to support. This program has two elements that work towards reaching that objective. The first is a National In-Store Restaurant Fundraiser that takes place for six weeks starting in August, and goes through September. Our team members ask our guests to add a $1 dollar donation to the Arby’s Foundation with their order. In 2014, thanks to the generosity of our guests, US Beef raised over $69,000 for this very worthwhile cause. Second, summer should be a time for all kids to have fun – not a time to worry where they’re getting their next meal. That’s why US Beef supports Arby’s Foundation’s Hungry for Happiness mobile tour. During the summer of 2014, the tour stopped in three US Beef states—Arkansas, Kansas, and Colorado. This program raised awareness around childhood hunger in our Little Rock, Kansas City and Denver communities, and increased enrollment in summer meals programs. In addition, the tour stopped in Little Rock right after the deadly tornado ripped through their communities. This enabled our volunteers to give storm ravaged families and relief volunteers a hot meal. In addition to financial support, US Beef encourages employees to get personally involved in their communities by volunteering. Our leaders have been and are currently active on various boards, including Junior Achievement of Oklahoma, Operation Aware (Youth Drug & Alcohol prevention), Street School, American Red Cross, United Way and more.